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  • Bay Industrial has a long history of providing high quality goods from the Far East to Western countries. More than 30 years ago, the company was producing sports balls such as basket and volley balls in Korea and had a separate commercial department that exported European-style furniture and decorative items for a US retail chain. Seeing the opportunity to expand its expertise in precision cutting and assembly of fabric, Bay decided to enter the growing inflatable boat market in 1986.
    In 1994, when Bay started to supply inflatable boats to the Brunswick Group, Bay moved the facility for ball production to China and focused the Korean factory on inflatable boat manufacturing. Since the beginning of the relationship, Bay has produced more than 190,000 boats for Brunswick under the Mercury and Quicksilver brands, plus a small series of Sea Ray and Bayliner branded tenders. Bay has also manufactured 40,000 boats under its own LodeStar brand (including a small series of branded tenders for Swedish builder Nimbus and US builder Ranger Tugs).
    Other important activities include the production of tubes for UK luxury RIB tender builder Williams Performance Tenders, river rafts for the US market, and government patrol boats for African and Asian markets.

    Today Bay is one of the worldĄŻs top manufacturers of inflatable boats, with three core competencies: highly mechanized assembly of PVC coated fabrics, hand assembly of Hypalon coated fabrics, and fiberglass resin transfer moulding (RTM) for small boat hulls. As a leader in the inflatable industry, Bay's enthusiasm and passion for inflatable boats innovation know no measure.
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